Air Fryer Radish Chips — Looking for a healthy and tasty side dish to add to your menu? Check out these Air Fryer Radish Chips! They’re simple to make, and radishes are a great low-carb potato substitute.

If you are on a keto diet, these radish chips make an excellent substitution for potatoes. They are also a fantastic way to eat more vegetables. In addition, radishes are high in Vitamin C and make a great healthy snack.

Air Fryer Radish Chips
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This recipe is very simple and only requires a few ingredients. You’ll need some radishes, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and sea salt. I like to slice my radishes thinly, so they cook evenly and get nice and crispy.

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Can You Air Fry Radishes?

Yes, you can air fry radishes! Air frying radishes are a great way to cook them quickly. This is perfect if you are looking for a great recipe to use up some of your garden dishes or a bag you picked up at your local supermarkets or in your refrigerator! 

And if you are on a low-carb diet or keto-friendly recipe, this is a great substitute for potatoes.

Why You’ll Love This Air Fried Radish Recipe

  • Only 3 ingredients
  • Low-carb potato substitute
  • Ready in about 15 minutes
  • Crunchy and crispy
  • A great alternative to potatoes
  • A simple recipe that’s easy to follow
  • Makes a tasty side dish

What Are Radishes?

Radishes are root vegetables in many colors, including white, red, and black. They have a crunchy texture and a slightly spicy flavor. Radishes are a good source of fiber and contain vitamins C, B6, and potassium.

What Type Of Radishes Are Best for This Recipe?

I used red radishes for this recipe, but you can use any radish. If you do not like a lot of spice, white radishes or large radishes are perfect for this recipe, and make a tasty snack. 

How Do You Cut Radishes for Chips?

I like to slice my radishes into 1-inch pieces, so they cook evenly and get nice and crispy. You can either slice them by hand or use a vegetable slicer. If you are using a mandoline slicer, be sure to use the guard to protect your fingers.

Where Can I Purchase Radishes?

Radishes are usually available year-round in the produce section of your local supermarkets. They are often sold in bunches with the greens still attached.

Do I Need to Peel the Radishes?

No, you do not need to peel the radishes for this recipe. The skin is edible and contains nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C.

Air Fryer Radish Recipe Ingredients

If you’re looking for a creative and flavorful way to incorporate more root vegetables into your diet, look no further than this delicious air fryer radish recipe! This simple and tasty dish will tantalize your taste buds and provide ample nutrition with its variety of nutrient-rich ingredients. This is a great substitute for potato chips and is so much healthier! 

Air Fryer Radish Recipe Ingredients

​Remember the step-by-step directions are below in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page, as well as the nutritional information. 

  • Fresh Radishes: Daikon radishes are perfect for this recipe!
  • Olive Oil: You can also use extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil.
  • Salt and pepper to taste: Add different seasonings as you wish. A pinch of salt will add a lot of flavor to this dish!

How To Cook Radish Chips In Air Fryer

If you love the crisp and crunch of potato chips but are looking for a healthier option, look no further than radish chips. The high temperature is perfect for cooking this delicious snack. Not only do they pack an extra punch with their earthy flavor, but these root veggies also come packed with nutrients, a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Radishes can be cooked in an air fryer, making them light golden chips! Read on to learn how to make your delicious batch of radish chips using your air fryer in just minutes.

Radishes in Bowl

Step 1: Prep The Radishes

Separate the bunch of radishes, and remove the radish greens. Then, wash and dry the raw radishes with a paper towel.

Cut the radishes into 1-inch pieces using a sharp knife.

Step 2: Cut The Radishes

Cut the radishes into 1-inch pieces using a sharp knife, remove the radish greens, and set aside.

Step 3: SeasonThe Radishes
Add your sliced radishes, olive oil, salt, and pepper to a medium mixing bowl, and toss to coat.

Step 3: Season The Radishes

Add your sliced radishes, olive oil, salt, and pepper to a medium mixing bowl and toss to coat. For best results, ensure each radish piece has a little oil on it.

Step 3: SeasonThe Radishes
Add your sliced radishes, olive oil, salt, and pepper to a medium mixing bowl, and toss to coat.

Step 4: Air Fry The Radishes

Preheat the air fryer for 3-5 minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, and spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray if you wish. Then toss the radish slices into the bottom of the air fryer basket in a single layer and set cook time for 8-10 minutes.

Step 3: SeasonThe Radishes
Add your sliced radishes, olive oil, salt, and pepper to a medium mixing bowl, and toss to coat.

Pro Tips For Roasting Radishes In Air Fryer

Roasting radishes in an air fryer is a great way to get crispy and flavorful radishes without using much oil. Here are some tips for roasting radishes in an air fryer:

  • Use smaller radishes: Smaller radishes like cherry belle or French breakfast radishes are easier to roast evenly in an air fryer.
  • Cut radishes into similar sizes: Make sure to cut them into similar sizes so they cook evenly. This will ensure that some radishes are not overcooked while others remain undercooked.
  • Season well: Radishes can have a slightly bitter taste, so it’s important to season them well. You can use your favorite seasoning blend or simply sprinkle it with salt and pepper. This makes for a great salty snack with simple ingredients. 
  • Preheat the air fryer: Preheating the air fryer for a few minutes before cooking will help to ensure even cooking and crispy results.
  • Shake the basket: Shake the air fryer basket a few times during cooking to ensure that the radishes cook evenly on all sides.
  • Use a little oil: While radishes do not require much oil to roast in an air fryer, a light coating of oil will help to crisp them up and enhance their flavor. You can use olive oil, avocado oil, or any other oil of your choice.

With these tips, you’ll have perfectly roasted radishes from your air fryer in no time!

Substitutions And Variations

  • Use some taco seasoning, or other different seasonings, in place of the salt and pepper for a different flavor.
  • Try using other types of oil in place of olive oil. Avocado oil or coconut oil would be good options.
  • Use white radishes for a more mild and less peppery flavor.
  • For a peppery kick, try using watermelon radishes.
  • Try cutting into halved radishes for a different shape.
  • Make loaded radishes by topping your radish chips with sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, and cheese.

How To Make Radish Fries In Air Fryer

To make air fryer radish fries, slice fresh radishes, coat them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and add seasonings like garlic powder. Preheat the air fryer, arrange the radish slices in a single layer, and air fry at around 375°F (190°C) for 10-12 minutes, flipping halfway through. Once golden brown and crispy, serve the radish fries as a healthier alternative to traditional fries.

How to Store Leftover Radishes

Once the chips are cooked, let them cool slightly and place them in an airtight container. They will last for about one week and be stored in the fridge.

Radish chips are best enjoyed fresh, but you can reheat them in the air fryer for a few minutes if needed.

FAQ’s About Roasting Radishes In Air Fryer

Are Radishes Keto?

Yes, radishes are keto-friendly and make a tremendous low-carb potato substitute. One cup of diced radishes contains only 2 grams of net carbs. So, if you have been looking for a snack for your low-carb or ketogenic diet, the air fryer radishes recipe is perfect. 

How do you make radishes crisp?

The best way to make radishes crisp is to air fry them. Air frying gives them a nice crispy texture without adding any extra fat. The olive oil in this recipe also helps to make them crispy.

Can you eat radishes every day?

Although they are typically healthy, don’t eat too much if you have thyroid issues. According to Healthline, A rat study indicated that long-term radish eating raised thyroid gland weight and lowered thyroid hormone levels. 

Can I use frozen radishes to make air fryer radish fries?

It’s recommended to use fresh radishes for the best results. Frozen radishes may have a higher moisture content, affecting the texture and crispiness.

How do I prevent radish fries from becoming too soft in the air fryer?

Ensure that the radish slices are evenly sliced and not too thick to maintain crispiness. Also, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket, allowing proper air circulation during cooking.

Can I use other types of oil instead of olive oil?

Yes, you can use other oils with high smoke points, such as avocado oil or canola oil. They will help achieve a crispy texture without burning.

Can I make radish fries with the skin on?

You can leave the skin on the radishes for added texture and flavor. Just make sure to wash and scrub them thoroughly before slicing.

What can I serve with air fryer radish fries?

Air fryer radish fries make a great snack or side dish. They can be served with dipping sauces like aioli, ketchup, or ranch dressing.

Can I use different seasonings for the radish fries?

Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different seasonings like paprika, cayenne pepper, or herbs like rosemary or thyme for unique flavors.

How do I know when the radish fries are done cooking?

Radish fries are done when they are golden brown and crispy. Keep an eye on them, as cooking times may vary based on your air fryer model and the thickness of the slices.

Can I store leftover radish fries?  

Leftover radish fries may lose their crispiness when stored. If you have leftovers, reheat them in the air fryer for a few minutes to restore some of the crunch.

Can I make air fryer radish fries in advance?

While they are best enjoyed fresh, you can prepare the radish slices in advance and store them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to air fry them for serving.

Do I need to peel the radishes before making chips? 

No, you do not need to peel the radishes. You can rinse, dry, and slice them into thin rounds or chips.

More Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fryer Radish Chips are a game-changer for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips without compromising flavor or crunch. These chips bring out the radish’s natural peppery notes, while the air fryer ensures a satisfying and guilt-free crispness.

Whether adhering to a specific diet or just looking to incorporate more veggies into your snacks, these radish chips are the perfect blend of taste and nutrition. The next time you need a crunchy snack, skip the store-bought options and let your air fryer transform humble radishes into a snack-time superstar!

I hope you loved this recipe for air fryer fried radishes or air fryer fried radish chips if you loved this recipe, leave a recipe rating and leave a comment. I think this is an amazing recipe; with only a few minutes cook time, you can have a great snack recipe!

Air Fryer Radish Chips

Air Fryer Radish Chips

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 2 Servings


Looking for a healthy and tasty side dish to add to your menu? Check out these Air Fryer Radish Chips! They're simple to make, and radishes are a great low-carb potato substitute.


  • 1 pound radishes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper


  • Start by washing and drying the radishes.
  • Cut the radishes into 1-inch pieces.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, add your diced radishes, olive oil, salt, and pepper, toss to coat.
  • Turn the air fryer on for 5 minutes at 390 degrees F, and then toss the radishes in there, for about 8 to 10 minutes.


  • Air Fryer
  • Cooking Spray
  • Parchment Paper, optional


Serving: 1ServingCalories: 161kcalCarbohydrates: 8gProtein: 2gFat: 14gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2gMonounsaturated Fat: 10gSodium: 1252mgPotassium: 535mgFiber: 4gSugar: 4gVitamin A: 19IUVitamin C: 34mgCalcium: 60mgIron: 1mg

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