Most of us have heard of air fryers, the nifty kitchen appliance that can make delicious and healthy meals in a fraction of the time. But many don’t know that you can also put pyrex dishes in an air fryer!

Pyrex is a famous dish brand known for its durability. This simple cooking hack can create flavorful chips, roasted vegetables, and more. Learn how air frying with pyrex dishes can save time while delivering tasty meals your whole family will love!

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This is a common question I get almost daily; using pyrex bowls is often already in our house. Still, I recommend using ceramic plates, aluminum pans, or tin foil instead since you don’t know if your pyrex is an ovenproof dish.

While we all love our new kitchen gadgets, it’s important that you use the correct bowls during the cooking process.

Can You Use A Glass Bowl In An Air Fryer?

Maybe, that is the answer when asked if you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer. While it is not the recommended material for an air fryer basket, many users opt to use glass bowls with success. However, it is important to consider that glass has the potential to shatter when exposed to extreme heat and temperature changes. Therefore, extra caution should be taken when using a glass bowl in an air fryer.

When using a glass bowl in an air fryer, ensure it is designed for ovens and microwaves because these are typically more durable than other types of glassware. Additionally, inspect the bowl before each use for any signs of cracking or chipping since these can weaken the material’s structure and increase its susceptibility to shattering during air frying. While it is possible to use a glass bowl in an air fryer, be sure to use caution and practice safe cooking habits when doing so. It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using your appliance to ensure optimal performance.

Finally, you should also remember that glass bowls may not fit all models of air fryers. Before attempting to use one, double-check the dimensions of both the bowl and your air fryer’s basket to ensure they are compatible before proceeding. Doing this can help prevent potential safety issues or damage from an ill-fitting bowl in your air fryer. With these tips in mind, you can safely enjoy delicious air-fried treats in a glass bowl.

Are Glass Bowls Safe In An Air Fryer?

Pyrex glass bowls are often used in air fryers, but you may wonder if they are safe. The short answer is yes; glass bowls are generally safe for air fryers. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when using a glass bowl in an air fryer.

It’s important to ensure the glass bowl is heat-resistant and can handle the high temperatures of an air fryer. In addition, it’s best to double-check that the manufacturer recommends using a glass bowl before putting one in your air fryer. It’s also important to take extra precautions when moving or handling hot glassware from your air fryer, as the sides may become too hot for you to handle safely.

It’s important to ensure that the glassware used in an air fryer is oven-safe glass bowl and rated for temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also best to avoid using cracked or chipped bowls as they could be more prone to breakage due to the extreme heat. Finally, ensure that your bowl fits securely inside your air fryer before turning it on.

When certain precautions are taken, glass bowls can generally be used safely in an air fryer. Just check with your manufacturer first and take extra caution when handling hot glassware from the air fryer. With these tips in mind, you should feel safe and confident using a glass bowl in your air fryer. If you do not know if you can use your glass bowl in a regular oven, do not use the bowl in the air fryer.

How Do I Know If My Glass Cookware Is Air Fryer Safe?

Regarding air fryer safety, one of the most important considerations is the type of material used for your cookware. Glass is a popular choice for many cooks but unfortunately, not all glass cookware will be safe to use in an air fryer. To determine whether or not your glass cookware can handle the heat generated by an air fryer, it’s important to check two factors: temperature resistance and microwave ability.

Temperature Resistance: All glass cookware should have a rating on its label indicating how much heat it can withstand. If the rating is too low, the intense heat produced by an air fryer could cause the glass to shatter or break apart. To be sure that your glass cookware is up to the challenge, double-check that it has a heat resistance rating of at least 425°F (218°C).

Microwaveability: If your glass cookware is made of tempered or borosilicate glass, it should be safe to use in an air fryer. However, if your glass cookware is made from pyrex or “regular” glass, it may not be suitable for an air fryer. This is because these types of glass are more prone to cracking and shattering when exposed to rapid temperature changes. To be sure that your cookware can handle the heat generated by an air fryer, make sure its label specifically states that it’s microwave-safe.

By double-checking both the temperature resistance and microwaveability of your glass cookware, you can be sure that it is air fryer safe. If it doesn’t meet either of these criteria, it’s best to opt for a different type of material when cooking in an air fryer. With the right cookware, you’ll enjoy delicious fried dishes without worrying about damaging your cookware or causing injury due to shattering glass.

pyrex in air fryer

Can You Use Pyrex Bowl In Air Fryer?

Pyrex is a famous brand of glass and ceramic cookware that can also be used in an air fryer. Pyrex is known for its strength and durability, making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods like air frying. The non-stick coating on the surface of Pyrex ensures that food won’t stick to the interior of the air fryer, while the heat-resistant material prevents scorching. Furthermore, Pyrex is easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing off burnt food residue after each use. With its versatility and reliability, Pyrex is sure to make your air frying experience even more enjoyable!

What Type of Cookware Can I Use In An Air Fryer?

Using the right cookware in an air fryer is key to getting great results from your recipes. The most important factor in what type of cookware you can use in an air fryer is size; because air fryers are smaller than conventional ovens, the cookware you use needs to fit inside the appliance.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is that if your pots and pans will fit inside a conventional oven, they’ll likely work in an air fryer. Some common types of cookware suitable for air fryers include aluminum or stainless steel baking trays and roasting pans, cast iron skillets, silicone molds, glass dishes, and pie plates.

When cooking with air fryers, it’s important to avoid using non-stick cookware as it may not withstand the high heat of an air fryer and can release potentially harmful fumes. Additionally, ensure that any cookware you use is oven safe so it won’t melt or warp due to direct contact with hot air. Finally, select cookware pieces that are shallow rather than too deep; this will help ensure proper hot air circulation throughout your food for even cooking results.

pyrex in air fryer

Things To Consider

The things to consider before putting any bowl into the air fryer to ask yourself:

  • Will the bowl interfere with the heat source?
  • Could I use this bowl in a traditional oven or a toaster oven: Usually, if the answer is no, you should not use the pyrex-glass bowl in the air fryer.
  • Is this an oven-safe dish?
  • Do I have an alternative? Can I use a disposable aluminum pan instead?
  • Does your glass bowl fit in the bottom of your air fryer?
  • Are you sure your ordinary glass bowl is safe for the oven? The right size is important since a larger bowl will cause your food to be uneven cooking.

Overall, by selecting cookware that fits in your air fryer and is made from materials suitable for ovens, you can get great results every time!

Some of my favorite types of bowls to use in the air fryer are, some good examples are:

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