Air Fryer Pancake Donuts –What’s the best way to start your day? With a warm, fluffy pancake donut!

These donuts are made in an air fryer and are much healthier than their fried counterparts. You can enjoy these treats with or without syrup for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!

Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe
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Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe is amazing! If you have been looking for one of the easiest ways to make pancakes in your air fryer, this is the recipe for you!

I love a great plate of pancakes, and with this recipe, you can have everything that you want, easy to eat, and so much better than the frozen kind!

Kid-Friendly, Family Friendly, and absolutely delish! What else do you need to know? I have been making pancakes in the air fryer for years, way before it was a trend.

I actually started making Air Fryer Pancakes for a bunch of hockey players. When we stayed at a hotel, and the parents and I found out they wanted $22 for breakfast for an 8-year-old plate, we sprung into action and made some Air Fryer Fried Eggs, Air Fryer Pancakes, and Bacon. We saved ourselves some cash, and the kids still had an amazing breakfast-thanks to the Air Fryer!


homemade pancake donuts

What Are Pancake Donuts?

Pancake donuts are a delightful fusion of pancakes and donuts, combining the fluffy texture and familiar flavor of pancakes with the shape and convenience of donuts. Essentially, they are pancake batter cooked in a donut mold or donut maker to achieve a donut shape, offering a fun twist on traditional breakfast and snack items.

This innovative concept allows for the customization of pancake batter with various mix-ins and toppings, similar to traditional donuts. You can add chocolate chips, blueberries, or bananas directly into the batter, and once cooked, the pancake donuts can be glazed, frosted, or dusted with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or any other favorite donut toppings.

Pancake donuts can be made using a donut pan in the oven, a special donut maker appliance, or even adapted for cooking in an air fryer. They’re perfect for when you want to serve something special for breakfast or brunch, or as a treat for celebrations and gatherings. Not only do they offer the comfort and taste of pancakes, but they also provide the visual appeal and novelty of donuts, making them a hit with both kids and adults.

Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

Why You Will Love Pancake Mix Air Fryer Donuts

ou’ll love Pancake Mix Air Fryer Donuts for their simplicity, versatility, and delightful taste. Here are some reasons why they’re sure to become a favorite treat:

  • Easy to Make: Using pancake mix as the base simplifies the process, making it accessible even to those with minimal baking experience. There’s no need for yeast or waiting for the dough to rise, and the air fryer cooks them quickly and evenly.
  • Customizable: These donuts offer endless customization options. You can mix in your favorite ingredients, such as chocolate chips or blueberries, and top them with a variety of glazes, sprinkles, or powdered sugar to suit your taste.
  • Healthier Alternative: Air frying uses significantly less oil than traditional deep-frying, making these donuts a healthier option without compromising on the crispy exterior and soft interior that donut lovers crave.
  • Quick and Convenient: The air fryer cooks these donuts quickly, making them a perfect option for a speedy breakfast, snack, or dessert. It’s an excellent way to whip up something special with minimal fuss and cleanup.
  • Fun for All Ages: Both kids and adults will enjoy making and eating these donuts. The process is fun and easy, making it a great activity for families to do together.

Pancake Mix Air Fryer Donuts are the perfect way to satisfy your donut cravings at home, offering a quick, easy, and delicious alternative to store-bought donuts.

Ingredients Needed For Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

Making Air Fryer Pancake Donuts is an inventive and delightful way to transform a classic breakfast staple into a sweet treat that everyone will love. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a batch of delicious donuts that are perfect for any occasion, from a cozy weekend breakfast to a fun and festive party dessert. Here’s a brief overview of the ingredients you’ll need:

Ingredients Needed For Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

Remember the step-by-step directions and detailed ingredient list are below, in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the post, as well as the nutritional information.

  • All-purpose Flour: The backbone of the donut batter, all-purpose flour provides the necessary structure, ensuring your donuts hold together well while remaining tender and delightful to bite into.
  • Sugar: Adds a touch of sweetness to the batter, balancing the flavors and ensuring your donuts have that irresistible dessert quality.
  • Baking Powder: A crucial leavening agent, baking powder helps your Air Fryer Pancake Donuts rise and become fluffy, ensuring a light and airy texture that’s simply irresistible.
  • Baking Soda: Working alongside baking powder, baking soda aids in leavening and provides a tender texture to the donuts, making them soft and enjoyable to eat.
  • Salt: A pinch of salt is essential for balancing the sweetness of the donuts, enhancing the overall flavor profile of your tasty treats.
  • Sour Cream: Incorporating sour cream into the batter adds a rich creaminess and moisture to the donuts, ensuring they are deliciously soft and slightly tangy, which complements the sweetness perfectly.
  • Milk: Adds moisture and helps create a smooth batter. You can use any type of milk you prefer, including dairy or plant-based alternatives, to adjust the richness of the donuts.
  • Egg: Acts as a binder, giving the donuts structure and a tender crumb. The egg is essential for achieving the right consistency in your batter.
  • Butter: Melted butter contributes to the richness and moistness of the donuts, giving them a soft texture and a delicious buttery flavor.
  • Toppings and Glazes (optional): Get creative with various toppings and glazes, such as chocolate, vanilla icing, sprinkles, or powdered sugar, to customize your donuts to your liking.

How To Make Pancake Donuts In Air Fryer

To make Pancake Donuts in an Air Fryer, you’ll follow a simple and straightforward process that transforms your pancake mix into delightful donuts. Here’s a condensed version of the steps:

How To Make Pancake Donuts In Air Fryer

Prepare The Batter:

  • Add the flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt to a large bowl. In another, both add the sour cream, milk, egg, and melted butter.
Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe
  • Slowly mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, mixing well. Spray your donut pan with non-stick cooking. Add the batter, filling about 2/3 the way full about ⅔ way full. 
Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe

Fill The Donut Molds

  • Set the donut pan into the air fryer and set the temperature to 320 degrees F, air fryer setting for 7 to 10 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the donut comes out clean. 
Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe

Recipe Variations

When making Pancake Donuts in an Air Fryer, there are numerous variations you can explore to suit different tastes and occasions. Here are some creative recipe variations to inspire your next batch:

  • Chocolate Chip Pancake Donuts: Mix a generous amount of chocolate chips into the batter before cooking. Once cooked, drizzle with melted chocolate for an extra chocolatey treat.
  • Blueberry Pancake Donuts: Fold fresh or frozen blueberries into your pancake batter for a fruity twist. Finish with a light glaze or dusting of powdered sugar.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Coated: After air frying, while the donuts are still warm, brush them with melted butter and roll in a mix of cinnamon and sugar. This creates a sweet and spicy exterior that’s hard to resist.
  • Maple Glazed: Whip up a quick maple glaze by mixing pure maple syrup with powdered sugar until you reach a pourable consistency. Drizzle over the warm donuts for a classic breakfast flavor.
  • Bacon Bits Pancake Donuts: For a savory-sweet combination, add cooked and crumbled bacon into the batter or sprinkle on top before air frying. Drizzle with maple syrup before serving for an extra flavor punch.
  • Pumpkin Spice Pancake Donuts: Incorporate pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice into your batter for a fall-inspired treat. Top with a cream cheese glaze to complement the pumpkin flavor.
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Pancake Donuts: Add lemon zest and poppy seeds to the batter for a citrusy and slightly crunchy texture. A simple lemon juice and powdered sugar glaze can enhance the lemon flavor.
  • Gluten-Free Pancake Donuts: Use a gluten-free pancake mix and ensure all other ingredients are gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions. Experiment with add-ins and toppings that also meet gluten-free standards.

These variations allow you to customize your Pancake Donuts to fit any taste preference or dietary need, making them a versatile treat for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert. Feel free to get creative and come up with your unique combinations based on these ideas!

Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

Pro Tips

Creating the perfect Pancake Donuts in an Air Fryer is both an art and a science. Here are some pro tips to help you achieve the best results every time:

  • Consistent Batter Thickness: The key to uniform donuts is maintaining a consistent batter thickness. If the batter is too thin, your donuts may spread out too much and lose their shape. If it’s too thick, they might not cook through properly. Aim for a batter consistency that can hold its shape but is still pipeable.
  • Piping Bag Trick: For perfectly shaped donuts, use a piping bag or a zip-top bag with a corner snipped off to pipe the batter into the donut molds or onto your air fryer tray. This method gives you better control over the shape and size of your donuts, leading to more uniform results.
  • Preheat Your Air Fryer: Just like with traditional baking, starting with a preheated air fryer can make a big difference. A preheated air fryer ensures that your donuts start cooking immediately, which helps them rise better and creates a slightly crispy exterior.
  • Don’t Overcrowd: Place the donuts in a single layer with space around each one to allow for proper air circulation. Overcrowding can lead to uneven cooking and can steam the donuts instead of frying them, resulting in a less desirable texture.
  • Flip Halfway Through: For even cooking and browning, gently flip each donut halfway through the cooking time. This step ensures that both sides get that perfect golden color and crispy texture.
  • Cool Before Glazing: If you plan to glaze or decorate your donuts, let them cool down a bit first. Glazing while hot can cause the glaze to melt and run off, whereas slightly cooled donuts will allow the glaze to set properly and stay in place.
  • Experiment with Toppings and Fillings: Don’t be afraid to get creative with toppings and fillings. From classic powdered sugar and chocolate glaze to more adventurous options like lemon curd filling or a matcha glaze, there are endless possibilities to explore.
  • Monitor Your Cooking Time: Depending on your air fryer model and the size of your donuts, cooking times can vary. Start checking for doneness a few minutes before the recipe suggests to prevent overcooking.

By following these pro tips, you’ll be well on your way to making delicious, air-fried Pancake Donuts that are sure to impress.

Pancake Donuts In Air Fryer


Can I use store-bought pancake mix for making donuts? Yes, you can use store-bought pancake mix as a base for your donuts. It’s a quick and convenient option. Just be sure to follow any additional recipe instructions for incorporating other ingredients to turn the pancake batter into a donut batter.

Do I need donut molds to make these in the air fryer? While donut molds can help achieve the classic donut shape, they’re not absolutely necessary. You can also pipe the batter into rings on a piece of parchment paper designed to fit your air fryer basket. However, using molds can provide more uniformity and ease in handling.

How do I prevent the donuts from sticking to the basket or molds? Lightly grease your air fryer basket or donut molds with cooking spray or brush them with a bit of oil. This will help ensure your donuts release easily after cooking.

Can I make these donuts vegan or gluten-free? Yes, you can adapt the recipe to be vegan by using a dairy-free milk substitute and a vegan pancake mix. For gluten-free donuts, use a gluten-free pancake mix and ensure all other ingredients are gluten-free as well. Adjustments might be needed in the batter consistency, so add liquids gradually.

How long do pancake donuts last and how should they be stored? Pancake donuts are best enjoyed fresh but can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days. For longer storage, refrigerate them for up to a week or freeze them for up to a month. Reheat in the air fryer for a few minutes to restore their crispy texture.

Can I add fillings to my pancake donuts? Absolutely! While adding fillings before cooking can be challenging with this method, you can easily inject your cooked donuts with jam, custard, or chocolate using a piping bag and a narrow nozzle after they’ve cooled down a bit.

Why did my donuts come out too dense or too airy? The density of the donuts can be affected by the batter consistency. If it’s too thick, your donuts may be dense. If it’s too thin, they might become too airy or even collapse. Follow the recipe closely and adjust the amount of liquid as needed to achieve the desired batter consistency.

Can I double the recipe? Yes, you can double the recipe, but you may need to cook in batches to avoid overcrowding the air fryer. Ensure each batch has enough room for air circulation to maintain cooking quality.

Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

Equipment Used

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Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

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Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe

Air Fryer Pancake Donuts

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 12 Servings


Air Fryer Pancake Donuts Recipe is amazing! If you have been looking for one of the easiest ways to make pancakes in your air fryer, this is the recipe for you!


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted & unsalted


  • Add the flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt to a large bowl. In another, both add the sour cream, milk, egg, and melted butter.
  • Slowly mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, mixing well. Spray your donut pan with non-stick cooking. Add the batter, filling about 2/3 the way full about ⅔ way full.
  • Set the donut pan into the air fryer and set the temperature to 320 degrees F, air fryer setting for 7 to 10 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the donut comes out clean.
  • Plate, serve, and enjoy!


  • Air Fryer
  • Donut Pan
  • Cooking Spray


Serving: 1ServingCalories: 81kcalCarbohydrates: 9gProtein: 2gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.3gMonounsaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 26mgSodium: 184mgPotassium: 29mgFiber: 0.3gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 141IUVitamin C: 0.1mgCalcium: 24mgIron: 1mg

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