Air Fryer, Chocolate Brownie Lava Cake

This is a really easy dessert, my kids love this served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream.




  1. Start by cutting up the chocolate and butter and placing it in a small saucepan.
  2. Slowly, melt, and keep on stirring until you get a nice creamy liquid  Just keep on stirring, otherwise, it will scorch.
  3. One it is smooth, remove from heat and mix in the sugar, eggs, and vanilla.
  4. Once that is all blended, add the flour.
  5. Mix all of the flour completely in, scraping the sides, and making sure that your saucepan has no four visible.
  6. Grease your air fryer safe pan, or use ramekins (only if they are heat safe)
  7. Fill it about 1/2 way. Place your dish into the air fryer basket and set the time for 375 for 10 minutes, you do not want to overcook this.
  8. You should be watching this as you only want to the edges to set, once it’s done, pull it out, let stand to slightly cool. Use a knife to loosen the edges, so you can flip it out.
  9. Plate, serve and enjoy!   I served mine in the small cast iron pan, which I think was perfect, therefore I didn’t remove mine.

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