Just 7 (Really Good) Dinners To Make This Week — Dinner doesn’t have to be hard. It can be effortless with just a few ingredients and some basic cooking techniques. We’ve put together seven delicious dinners that you can make with little effort this week. We’ve got you covered if you have been looking for some easy Air Fryer Dinner Recipes for this week. So get your kitchen ready and enjoy a home-cooked meal tonight!

Just 7 (Really Good) Dinners To Make This Week
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If you’re like most people, you probably dread the idea of cooking dinner every night. And who can blame you? It’s hard enough to come up with something new and exciting to make, let alone cook it after a long day at work.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below are seven delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that will have your family begging for more. So grab your air fryer and get cooking!

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Wondering What To Make For Dinner This Week?

Dinner time can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not try out one of these easy and delicious recipes this week? There is nothing better than knowing what you will make for dinner, and like you, I purchased my first air fryer for quick meals!

So here is my list of what I’ll be making in my air fryer this week, so follow along and start cooking!

Just 7 (Really Good) Dinners To Make This Week

Air Fryer Kung Pao Chicken

Just 7 (Really Good) Dinners To Make This Week

Are you looking for a dinner that is both healthy and delicious? If so, you should try making air fryer kung pao chicken. This dish is full of flavor and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Plus, it’s a great way to use up any leftover vegetables you have in the fridge. So what are you waiting for? Give this recipe a try today!

Recipe: Air Fryer Kung Pao Chicken

Air Fryer Lasagna

Air Fryer Lasagna

Do you love lasagna but don’t always have the time to cook it? Have you ever tried making it in your air fryer? If not, you’re in for a treat! Air fryer lasagna is quick and easy to make, and it’s just as delicious as traditional lasagna. There’s no need for any special ingredients – use what you already have in your kitchen. Give air fryer lasagna a try today! You won’t be disappointed.

Recipe: Air Fryer Lasagna

Air Fryer Southern Style Shrimp

Southern Style Shrimp Air Fryer

I’m not a big shrimp eater, but I decided to try this air fryer southern-style shrimp recipe, and now I’m hooked! The shrimp are crispy on the outside and so juicy on the inside. This dish is effortless to make – perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Give it a try yourself and see how you like it!

Recipe: Southern Style Shrimp Recipe

Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Chicken Legs


Look no further than these garlic Parmesan chicken legs if you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal. They cook up in the air fryer in just minutes and are so delicious you’ll never want to order takeout again! Plus, they’re a healthier option than most restaurant meals. So get your air fryer out and give these chicken legs a try tonight!

Recipe: Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Chicken Legs

Air Fryer Habanero Agave Wings


Who doesn’t love wings? They’re the perfect party food. And these are some particular wings. Habanero and agave give them a fiery kick and a sweet finish. Plus, they’re air-fried, so they’re healthier than traditional wings. So get your appetites ready for these delicious wings!

Recipe: Air Fryer Habanero Agave Wings

Air Fryer Everything Bagel Salmon

Just 7 (Really Good) Dinners To Make This Week

Look no further than the air fryer if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make an impressive salmon dish. This appliance can turn out a delicious and healthy salmon meal in minutes, and all you need is some essential ingredients. Today, we will show you how to make an air fryer everything bagel salmon. It’s a simple recipe that only takes a few minutes to prepare, but it tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. So why not give it a try today? You won’t be disappointed!

Recipe: Air Fryer Everything Bagel Salmon

Air Fryer Chicken Schnitzel


Are you looking for a delicious yet easy meal to make in your air fryer? If so, you need to try this Air Fryer Chicken Schnitzel recipe! It is simple to prepare and takes only about 20 minutes to cook. Plus, it is so tasty that your family will love it!

Recipe: Air Fryer Chicken Schnitzel

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