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Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven -One of the most common questions everyone asks me is the Difference Between An Air Fryer and A Convection Oven. Today, I am going to answer that question.

Air Fryers are now all of the rage, but they have actually been around for quite a long time. Convection ovens have been around for a lot longer, but they are less popular than Air Fryers. Although they basically do operate the same way, there are a few differences.

I thought it best that I tell you what each appliance actually does, and then you can decide for yourself whether you want an air fryer or convection oven.

So What Exactly Is An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small countertop version of a convection oven. Air Fryers come in two models, either an air fryer basket or an air fryer oven. Both generally operate the same; the only difference is that the parts are in different places. Both will cook (air fry) your food the same. Temperatures will be somewhat different, and the placement of food will alter sometimes.

An Air Fryer works by circulating hot air around the air fryer basket, aided by the fan. This causes your food to crisp up, with hardly any oil. The heating element in most air fryers is placed directly above the food.

This means that your food cooks much quicker than a traditional oven. Everyone loves the air fryer, for this reason, no more preheating your oven, which saves you time there. And your food gets cooked much quicker with the air fryer.

So What Exactly Is An Convection Oven?

A convection oven cooks the same way that an air fryer does, circulating the heat around the oven, and has a fan to help cook the food. A convection oven usually has two heating elements, one on top and one on the bottom.

Newer ovens have the option of a convection oven and some microwaves. Convection ovens are usually larger in size than an air fryer, which is great for cooking an entire dinner or meal.

The Differences Between Air Fryers and Convection Ovens (Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven)

  • Size: The traditional air fryer is smaller than a Convection Oven. Although, with the newer Air Fryer Stoves, this is becoming less of an issue.
  • Heating: As stated above, the convection oven has two heating sources, one on top and one on the bottom.
  • Fan Size: The air fryer fans are actually larger than a convection ovens fan, which means they allow the food to cook quicker. And more importantly, the food crisps up better in an air fryer than in a traditional convection oven.
  • Cost: Traditionally, you can purchase a great air fryer for under $100, while a great Convection Oven will cost you several hundred.

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