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I am a  Laurie; I am a mom and a wife who loves to cook. Now that my kids are teenagers, they love to eat. I am ALWAYS cooking because they are always eating.

Before my kids were born, I used to make EVERYTHING by hand; my favorite memories are cooking with my Italian Grandparents; both of my grandparents loved to cook. They would slow roast an Italian Gravy for 2 days (note, I said gravy, my husband and I have bickered about this for years). I love to cook.

I also love to share; I am working hard on using my appliances, Air Fryer and Instant Pot, to make my life easier, and hopefully, in return, your lives easier.

Here is a current picture of my kitchen and, of course, my baked goods.

Everyone Asked for a picture of my kitchen,

Here it is