Air Fryer, Air Fried, Mini Blueberry Pies


  • 1 package box refrigerated prepared pie crusts
  • 8 ounces can blueberry pie filling
  • Whip Cream or Cool Whip (for garnishing if desired)


  1. Start by spraying a special air fryer cupcake pan, with nonstick cooking spray.

  2. Then unroll the refrigerated dough.

  3. Then use the biscuit cutter and cut the sizes to fit the muffin holes.

  4. Place the dough into the muffin tin.

  5. Fill the muffin tin with blueberry pie filling (found in the baking aisle)

  6. Set your air fryer to 350 degrees F, for 5 minutes.

    After 5 minutes, check the pies, and see if they are cooked fully. If not, add another 3 minutes to the time and recheck.

    Since each air fryer is different, it's best to check after the time suggested above and adjust accordingly. 

  7. Plate, serve and enjoy!