Air Fryer-Air Fried--Making Trader Joe's Cornbread In the Air Fryer (YUMMY!!)


  • 1 box Trader Joe's Cornbread Mix

Ingredients as called for on box


  1. Start by placing the mix into a large mixing bowl.

  2. Add the ingredients on the box. 

  3. Mix well, then pour into a greased air fryer safe pan.

  4. Place the pan into your air fryer basket for 20 minutes at 340 degrees F.

    After the time is done, use a toothpick and stick it in the middle of the cornbread if it comes out clean you are done, if not add a few more minutes to cook it fully. Never eat it raw.

  5. Remove from the air fryer basket and let cool.

  6. Plate, serve and enjoy!