How To Air Fryer A Frozen Hamburger

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How To Make Air Fryer Frozen Hamburgers

Everyone loves frozen burgers, whether it’s a BUbba’s Brugers, my kids favorite, or just a store brand, they make such an easy dinner.




  • 1 package frozen hamburgers burger patties


  1. One of the few recipes that I preheat the air fryer for,  but preheat to 375 degrees, for a few minutes (about 4-6)
  2. Spray the bottom of the air fryer basket with non-stick cooking spray, this will prevent the hamburgers from sticking when you go and flip them over.
  3. Set the frozen hamburger in the air fryer basket.
  4. Set the time for 7 minutes, after 7  minutes, check the burgers and flip them over.
  5. Check the internal temperature has reached 145 degrees F, this will be a medium-rare burger, additional time if you would like a well-done burger.

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